bkb ceramics
61705 Hwy 62
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

760 821 3765

Bkb ceramics’ ethos/focus is pure, sustainable, conscious, handcrafted design. We are not about marketing gimmicks or clever packaging….
We are simply about creating beautiful ceramic design that feeds the soul and feels like home.

We have a deep passion for simplicity and going back to traditional ways of doing things that make sense for a modern lifestyle. Simple, functional furnishings, food, shelter and clothing are part of our longview. We believe in meeting the most fundamental needs with a carefully curated collection of all things beautiful, handcrafted, and modern by using tried and true artisanal tradition.

Planters and other ceramic pieces can be found at Just Modern in Palm Springs, Fifth Floor and Reform School in Los Angeles, Fig in Ojai, Flora Grubb and Bell Jar in SF and Joinery in New York!

New pieces will be added periodically. Check back soon for new ceramic lamp designs.